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Survival Equipment
Survival Gear, Kits and Equipment

Survival Equipment

We have a range of survival equipment, survival kits and camping accessories for wilderness survival and for every day camping trips including:

Survival Equipment Kit

survival equipment

BCB Survivor Go Pack. Safety equipment packed in a 2 compartment pouch. This survival kit contains everything you need.

Survival Bag
Survival Bag with Printed Survival Instructions. High visibility bright orange. 500 gauge heavy duty polythene. Printed with extensive emergency information. Adult size.

Ultimate Survival Deluxe Tool Kit

Small First Aid Kit
First aid kit complete with contents. Military style zipped pack. Approx 6" x 6" x 2" with belt loop to wear at the waist.

Water Bottles, Water Purification Tablets
Water purification tablets (puritabs) to make water safe and military style water bottles.

Camping Cutlery Set
A choice of camping cutlery sets folding and clip together.

Fire Lighting Kit
Swedish firesteels and fire light flints and tinder.

Torches and Camping Lamps
LED headlamps and waterproof torches.

Nylon Rope
Paracord and nylon utility ropes in choice of sizes and colours.

Insect Repellent

ID Whistle

Wire Saw

Mess Tins

Camping Stove

Waterproof Clothing
Waterproof jackets, trousers, suits and rain capes. Plus our new water repellant anorak.

Survival Equipment

See More Survival Gear

Sleeping Bags
Military and Camouflage Pattern Sleeping Bags

Outdoor Survival Gear and Survival Equipment
Outdoor Survival Gear and Survival Equipment

Top quality, tried and tested, outdoor survival gear and equipment.

Wherever you are and whatever you are using this range of survival gear and surivival equipment for, you have to be certain that the kit is going to live up to your expectations and also be able to do the job in hand.

This range of Survival Gear and Survival Equipment have been put through their paces and are designed specifically to cope with rugged outdoor use.

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